Back in Summer when Dale and I were discussing the possibility of buying Burnsyde I don’t think I believed it would ever happen, not because I didn’t want it but because I felt like there would be a hundred other people all lined up to buy it, turns out there wasn’t. It also turns out that over 20 years ago my Grandma and Grandad (who lived in West Yorkshire) took the property info card from an estate agents in Saltburn as they were interested in moving to the town, it was going to be in the running until Grandad decided it was too close to the road. Crazy Huh!

Saltburn by the sea

Anyway, back to when we first viewed. The sun was shining, the beach was buzzing with families and we could not wait to take a look round. Dale had already been to see it and I think he already knew how much I would love it.
John and his wife were in the sun room at the back of the property basking in the heat, two little poodles by their side. We said our hellos and chatted about the weather and how busy the beach was then we were free to look around as we wished.

Sunny Saltburn

Looking around made me realise that the property is very deceiving from the front, once inside it feels much bigger, I expected the rooms to be tiny and there to be a lot less space in general but that was not the case. There was a lot of colour to the place, something that I wasn’t used to. Each room had lots of light and as we wandered round I could instantly see the potential of this beautiful little bungalow. I am almost certain if we lived in the area just now we would have bought it to move into ourselves.

As we mentioned we think people would have been more than happy to stay in the property with the current layout and décor and it was very cute, we felt it just needed bringing up to date and a few tweaks here and there to make the place more realistic for having one or two families staying at one time.
So you can see what we started with here are a few pictures from our first visit.

The Before Photos

As the weeks pass and the daily updates come through I feel so excited that in a number of weeks this place will be welcoming its first guests, granted it won’t look like any of the pictures above but we can only hope that people will think all the hard work has been worthwhile.