This week has been a hectic one for us in Glasgow. We have had family staying, which of course we love but with a 95 year old, a one year old and a 10 week old puppy it was rather full on at times. My mum and sister massively helped with Derek whilst we were working and we managed to have a couple of afternoons and evenings together which is always lovely.

Alongside the family staying Dale and I were busy finalising colours for the interiors. When we first started we decided the whole place would be white and we would bring textures and colours in through the soft furnishings. This of course has since changed and this week we have spent a few hours staring at colour charts and mood boards and buying colour test pots.

We want to keep the colours inside quite soft and cosy but still make the place look bright and fresh. We decided we would keep the kitchen, dining, hallway, bathroom and upstairs white but in the downstairs bedroom we have gone for 'almost oyster'. It is an off white, definitely not magnolia but has a lovely warmth to it.
The living room took a little longer to decide on. We both wanted a colour and we were set on grey but finding the right shades was a lenghty task. After much deliberation and a few trips to the shops we decided on the colours for the living room - two different shades of grey.

Colour Palette

As we are not at the bungalow to see the paint go on we just have to be confident in our decisions and look forward to seeing the colours once they are in place. Fingers crossed the discussion of 'grey' has worked out well.