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The Journey Begins...

The Journey Begins...

The journey of trying to purchase this wonderful little bungalow began months ago for us, but the final stepping stone happened on October 28th 2016. We were handed the keys to our wonderful new adventure!

We sat in The Sitting Room (an amazing little cocktail bar in Saltburn) sharing a caramel slice and staring at the keys, we had finally done it. We had the bungalow on the bank, the bungalow we had passed a thousand times and more (each), the little blue home I always wanted to peek into to see if it was as wonderful as I had imagined… (it really is)

The Keys to our new adventure

We popped by to share the good news with the parents (both sets), grabbed some extra layers and headed down to our new home for the first time. We had decided we would have a little Friday date night in the bungalow, stripping wallpaper, eating pizza and drinking prosecco.

The evening was a little chilly but with our heads busy with thoughts of what colours here and what lights there we chatted and laughed our way through it. With one room wallpaper free we left at 11:45pm and hit the hay.

Day one Done

The first day of our project was complete!





Welcome to the Burnsyde Beach House Blog!

We are Dale and Rachel and our little squiggly mate is Derek, Derek the Dog!

2016 has been a pretty special year for us, we have made happy memories in our current hometown Lenzie, watched a wonderful little boy called James grow through the first year of his life, helped the Smiths (Dales family) settle into their new home in Saltburn, celebrated a BIG birthday and finally......we bought Burnsyde. The beautiful blue bungalow on the bank in Saltburn - the town we call "home, home".

Saltburn by the sea

For those of you who haven't already heard we are turning this stunning little place into a holiday home, a three bedroom bungalow with views you could never tire of looking at.

Burnsyde Beach house

Wish us luck as the fun begins!