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A New Addition

A New Addition

So today is Monday, it is 7:25am and I am on the kitchen floor with a cup of tea. Not my usual positioning at this time of day (or any) but today we wake up with a little puppy in our care. I have taken the day off work to spend some time with him and get him settled.

We collected Derek from his breeder mummy yesterday and brought him back to Glasgow to show him his new home. The journey was a lot smoother than we expected, Derek slept for the majority of the journey and when Dale and I needed a toilet break Derek just lay in the foot-well like a little angel puppy. 

Derek the Dog
Derek the Dog

It was a bit of a rushed day yesterday, we were at Burnsyde looking at the developments from the past couple of weeks. The whole place was looking great! There was so much ‘less mess’ which helped to keep us focused on what we were there to see. It was the first time I had seen the new colours on the outside

We worked round the property room by room. The kitchen and dining area were looking great, the wooden framework from between the kitchen and sunroom had been removed a couple of weeks ago and we were creating an arch in its place, as the rest of the room was a blank canvas this really stood out. We had been used to seeing it with ladders, tool bags and rubbish strewn all over the place. The view from here looked particularly beautiful today! The hallway was completely bare and we had changed the layout of a couple of doorways so it was nice to see the hallway in the format our guest would see it when they arrived at Burnsyde.

Next up was the bathroom, there were a number of questions that needed answering to move forward in here. We managed to decide on a final layout for the whole room (this was something that had been causing major headaches) finalised lighting and fan positions and measured up one more time so we could order the bathroom suite, we did already order a bath but it arrived and looked like it was from an episode of the borrowers.

The living room was boarded out and the plasterers were due to start in here next. We had made all the decisions we could for this room previously. We are waiting to have the building regulations signed off so we can move the staircase into this room, until this point it is difficult to move forward at any kind of speed, we just have a big hole in the ceiling waiting to be filled.


The third bedroom of the bungalow is upstairs. As the other two bedrooms were already well on their way with plastering we were happy to just take a peek at these and move on. Upstairs is a lovely space with one window looking out across the pier and one out to Huntcliff.

The view from the loft

We have re-arranged this room so we can fit an en-suite bathroom up here. This wasn't always the plan but once we had cleared the bungalow of all furniture and rubbish, stripped back the walls and planned to move the staircase there was so much more space so it felt like the most logical thing to do (and much more practical for guests).

We spent some time discussing the bathroom layout, additional storage space, types of wall coverings and possible door types. There was an electrician and two joiners up here, the noise levels were getting higher and higher and we were getting closer to our pick up time for the pup. I genuinely felt like it was one of theose days where there were not enough hours in it.

The next time we visit Burnsyde will be in three weeks when we are home for Christmas...I actually cannot wait!!




Surprises and Celebrations

Surprises and Celebrations

Turns out our journey on Sunday wasn’t going to be direct to Saltburn....

There was a surprise for me on the way, and a very lovely surprise it was too. Dale had organised an evening at Rockliffe Hotel & Spa in Darlington for us both! After a busy weekend of entertaining and celebrating I couldn’t actually think of anything I would rather do than have time for just Dale and I. Quality time together is something we definitely don’t get enough of!

Rockliffe Hall Darlington

Dale had booked an evening at the restaurant at Rockliffe but as we arrived a little later than planned we headed to our room and ordered room service instead. As it was my birthday the hotel had popped a couple of bottles of Prosecco for us in our room, so with this and a club sandwich in bed I was set for the night. I had such a good nights sleep, part slight hangover from the last three days drinking, part exhaustion from life and part because the beds at this place are delightful.

Prosecco and Relaxation

The morning (today was my actual birthday) consisted of a delicious breakfast in their Oangery and heading down to the spa for a few hours of relaxation. The spa was just lovely! We didn't manage to book in time for a treatment but the pool, outside hot tube, sauna, ice room and relaxation pools were more than enough for us to just completely chill out before the week ahead. 

As we packed up to leave I found myself thinking about how lucky I was to have such great people in my life. My work friends had already made a real fuss of me for my 30th, the girls and guys had taken the trip from London to celebrate with me and Dale had planned Rockliffe without me knowing anything about it. Little did I know my day was about to be even more special...Dale had two more things planned!

Next Stop - Guisborough. To see Derek, one final time before his collection date.
So Derek is our little Sproodle and we had only met him once - the day we chose him. Dale had organised for us to see him one more time before we would be taking him home as our very own little puppy - this was something I just didn't think we had time to do with everything else going on in the next few weeks....there were tears of joy! He was adorable and fluffy and a total dream! It made me even more excited for December 3rd!

Derek the Dog

We then headed to our final destination - Saltburn! First stop was my parents.
There was Balloons, cards and presents all laid out for my arrival, again I was spoilt! It's always a lovely feeling being back at my parents house, the place I grew up, a place full of memories!

Now was time for the final plan - surprise birthday celebrations with my family, Dales family and some very close friends. It's not often we get both families together so I was more than grateful for Dales mum to be hosting in her home.

The evening was full of prosecco, delicious food and lots of laughter, it really was just perfect. I had been dreading turning thirty for weeks but between Dale, our families and our wonderful friends I had the most amazing birthday and could not be more thankful for the people I have in my life and the love they show me.

Family & Friends