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Work & Life

This week has been an exciting one, a frustrating one and a tiring one allll rolled into one. Exciting because we knew we had a great team hard at work in the bungalow and we had daily updates of the developments. Frustrating because we weren’t there to help ourselves and tiring because each evening after work (we both work full time in Scotland) we had been staying up later than normal making plans, building websites and setting up social profiles for Burnsyde.

Burnsyde Social

We know we need to organise all these things now rather than later and although we may prefer to be at the bungalow every day to watch things develop for ourselves and be much more hands on, we know that (unfortunately) this isn’t possible so we do what we can from a distance.

When we left the place on Sunday I felt like there was little to do before we could get to work with the real plans of moving the staircase, knocking walls through, bricking up doorways and all the things that would really make a difference to the overall look and layout of the place – How I was wrong.

The daily updates were notes of how remaining walls had been stripped, coving had been removed and radiators were off the wall…..all of these things I didn’t even notice were still to be done during the weekend we were there. The excitement of getting the job started had obviously blinded me to how much was left to do!

Property Refurbishment

Dale and I finished our working week and headed home to greet our guests for the weekend. My Uni girls and their other halves were staying with us to celebrate my 30th Birthday! It was time to pop the prosecco and enjoy some laughter with some of our favourite people.

The weekend was so much fun, we climbed Conic Hill in Stirling, saw Jack Garrett at the 02, danced the night away in Glasgow and ate some of the most delicious food I have ever tasted at one of my favourite places - Hotel Du Vin.


As always the Sunday arrived too fast and as our friends left we packed the car up to hit the road ourselves! This time we were heading back to Saltburn for a whole week – this was the first time we would spend so long here since we moved to Scotland together in October 2013 – We were very excited!!

The plan for the next week - Spend time with our families & friends and get to work on Burnsyde!

Off we go!

A Day of Mixed Emotions

A Day of Mixed Emotions

Saturday morning - 7:30am and the alarm is buzzing.

As Dale and I live in Glasgow we told ourselves we would need to spend as many hours as we possibly could at Burnsyde during our weekends at home. We are both from Saltburn but we moved to Bonnie Scotland three years ago and travel back and forth as often as we can. Some may call us crazy for taking on such a mighty project when we live 200 miles away but we are not people that shy away from a challenge……and we have an amazing project manager running things in our absence.

Throughout the day we had family and friends pop by to say “Hi” and to have a nosey around. It is the most amazing feeling to have support from our loved ones and we are super, super lucky that many of them were willing to roll up their sleeves and help this weekend.

Burnsyde Development

The wallpaper stripping continued throughout the house which revealed a dozen different colours, lots of patterned wallpaper and a whole load of mess. Although we had only been in there for a matter of hours we really felt like we were getting somewhere.

Work begins

The afternoon came round pretty fast, the garden was full of furniture (we were deciding what to keep and what to donate), the sun was shining and the house was looking ‘naked’. We had a visitor arrive, not just any old visitor though, it was John, the lovely gentleman we had just purchased the bungalow from.

As he wandered around each room with us he could clearly see we had been busy, he seemed surprised at how much we had managed to do in such a short space of time. I couldn’t help but feel a little sad, although I knew that what we were doing was the right thing and in our opinion it was for the better, I wondered if it was difficult for John to see the place he had called his Holiday Home for 24 years in a completely different state and effectively, in a bit of a mess?

He seemed a little relieved to be handing the keys over to us and as he walked away he wished us “the best of luck with everything”. I watched him walking over the bridge back to his car and wondered what he was thinking. Did he believe me and Dale would manage to turn this lovely little property into a place that people would travel far and wide to stay in? I would never know but I really hoped so.

Saltburn by the sea

Day 2 – Done!