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One Year On...


One Year On...

So here we are, March 2018, 1 year on from when Burnsyde Beach House was open to our first guests. It seems like just yesterday when we think about our nerves and our excitement, but seems a lifetime ago when we think about all the wonderful guests we have had stay with us, the amount of reviews we have collected and generally the amazing reaction we have had to the bungalow on the bank.

It was March 10th 2017 when we welcomed our first guests, a bunch of creative guys from Germany working in Darlington on a filming project. Since then we've had couples and families from all over the UK and welcomed guests from Canada, USA, South Africa, Argentina and Australia. Our little Beach House has been helping to put Saltburn by-the-sea on the map and we couldn't be happier that people from all over the world are enjoying their stay and our little town. 

With 114 bookings, 473 guests and 74 dogs so far we've had relaxing family getaways, birthday parties, anniversary celebrations, girls weekends and school friends catching up after quite some time, with each of them comes a review that we can be proud of.
With memories such as baby's first crawl and a proposal the beach house can be part of peoples memories for a lifetime.

Images courtesy of

This year is looking good for Burnsyde with both new and returning guests, Summer is full with just a few gaps in for Autumn and Winter so if you are wanting to squeeze in then take a look at our availability calendar here.  

We really hope that our guests continue to share their love for the Beach House with their families and friends and we can continue to welcome people from all over the world. 

Thank you to every single person that has stayed with us, posted a review, told a friend about us, shared our Facebook posts, entered our competitions and generally supported us, we appreciate it all and wouldn't be sharing this post if it wasn't for each of you.

The Beach House Team x



A Truly Wonderful Summer...


A Truly Wonderful Summer...

Today we thought we would reflect!
Reflect on the past year (almost a year) of which we have had the keys to Burnsyde, that wonderful little piece of perfectness on the bank!

Our first 8 months of business has passed, we have had people from all over the UK and beyond stay with us and we have had a truly wonderful Summer as hosts.

The view...

When we began this project there was always the ‘what if people don’t book’, what if people don’t like the interiors’ and ‘what if they don’t love the view as much as we do’, thankfully we didn’t have to worry about any of these things and we have had some really lovely feedback about all aspects of the Beach House and all it has to offer.

Our guests have shared their Burnsyde moments with us and we could burst with happiness when people tell us; their baby crawled for the first time in the beach house or their boyfriend proposed in the sunroom. 
Burnsyde suddenly becomes more than just that place they stayed, that time they visited Saltburn-by-the-sea, it becomes much more of a special memory and a place we hope people remember for a long time.

A couple of our favourite guest pics...

Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 13.46.31.png
Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 13.45.55.png

We wanted to write this post, not only because we haven’t written for a while, but because we wanted to say Thankyou!

Thankyou to every single person that has shown an interest in the Beach House, stayed at the Beach House, written a review for us, shared their memories of their stay with us or even just followed our journey through Facebook. We have had the best time bringing this wonderful little property back to life and sharing it with the wider world but without each of you this would never have been possible!

Thankyou for a wonderful Summer, it will never be forgotten!

Here’s to the next chapter...

Dale & Rachel


Places to see & cocktails to drink


Places to see & cocktails to drink

We are probably super biased when it comes to the town of Saltburn and everything in it as we are from the town BUT I am sure lots of people would agree (out of towners too) the town is a wonderful little place with lots of special treasures to be found.

We thought we would share with you a few of our favourite places to go at the moment! Whether you are looking for tea and cake, a tasty cocktail or a little taste of Italy we have just the place for it!

So first up – Coffee and Cake!
We have chosen somewhere literally a stone’s throw from the bungalow! Camfields Espresso Bar!
A lovely little beachside spot serving delicious illy coffee and super tasty cakes and treats!
Camfields has a couple of seating areas outside and one inside. You can relax and watch the world go by with your well behaved pups at the front of the bar or take a spot on the deck at the back of the property (a total sun trap)! For those chillier days there are tables inside, surrounded by glass so you can still enjoy the stunning Saltburn views!
Camfields is fully licensed too so if you are stopping by after a day on the beach you can enjoy a cold beer before your onwards journey (hopefully up the steps to the Beach House)!
Opening Times

Monday – Friday 10am – 2pm
Saturday & Sunday 9am – 4pm

Tasty Cocktails!
Although our town is relatively small there are some super places to grab a cocktail from. We have tried them all and as we can’t quite decide which is our absolute favourite we will share two with you.
In no particular order …..

The Sitting Room!
This is a sweet little Tea & Liquor bar tucked away under the arches in Saltburn Square.
A quaint and cosy vintage styled teashop and cocktail bar perfect for an evening of girly chats, family get togethers’ or romantic date nights! They really do cater for everyone.
Their menu includes the likes of the seasonal G&T, made with rhubarb gin, home made rhubarb syrup, orange bitters and fentimans tonic…making my mouth water as I typel. Their Elderflower Cosmopolitan is one of the best I have tasted! You can check out all their delicious looking cocktails on their Instagram

Opening Hours
Sunday – Thursday 10am – 5pm
Friday & Saturday 10am – 11:45pm


More Cocktails
Another popular spot for us is Rapps Café on Milton Street! A busy little Café and Wine Bar just a short walk from the Beach House. Their Mojito is the perfect way to start your evening and an absolute favourite (of mine) in here is their Espresso martini, I don’t know how they do it but they are just sooooo tasty! Perfect end to an evening if you have just stuffed your face with one of their pizzas!

Opening Hours
Sunday & Monday 9am - 4pm
Tuesday - Saturday 9am - 11pm


All things Italian
Saltburn has a wonderful, family run Italian restaurant bang in the centre of the town - Alessis! They have all kinds of scrumptious pizzas and pastas for all the family! They also do an exceptional (although not Italian) Chicken Paremsan! That’s right! The legendary Parmo is available at Allessis! We can definitely recommend!

The whole team at the restaurant are so welcoming and super friendly, you can’t help wanting to visit again and again! Definitely our number one spot for a taste of Italy!

Opening Hours
Monday - Saturday 4pm - 10pm
Sunday 4pm - 9pm
You can catch Happy hour on Monday - Friday from 4pm - 7pm and on Saturday from 4pm - 6:30pm!


Whether you are staying at Burnsyde or not, Saltburn is definitely worth a visit just for these super duper places! 


What we've been waiting for...


What we've been waiting for...

We are almost at the end of March and we currently have our third guests staying at the Beach House. There has been hours of sleep lost worrying that we had forgotten something or that something would go wrong or our guests would be disappointed but we are VERY happy that we can say 'so far so good'.

Our first guests sent us a message as they arrived and their first word was 'AMAZING' - Yes I shed a couple of tears (of joy).  Of course we cannot take all the credit for this, we need to thank Di who is doing a fabulous job of preparing the bungalow during the changeovers! We have great confidence that there will be 'no cushion left unturned' when it comes to getting the place set up for each of our guests.

We obviously have a long way to go before we can begin relying on the reviews from our wonderful guests to encourage others to book with us, but we are so grateful for those who have already stayed with us for taking the time to write us a review for the world to see!

Of course we wouldn't leave without telling you what they they are...

Trip Advisor


Fingers crossed for lots more wonderful reviews!





A bit of TLC for the Fireplace


A bit of TLC for the Fireplace

So we are heading towards the end of January and in 1 month the beach House should (WILL) be 100% complete - interiors and everything- Ready to hire!

We have had lots of interest in the Beach House since the last post went live showing our rates and answering a few questions. We had worried people wouldn't want to enquire until they could see lots of images inside the property but we were obviously worrying a little too much, we have had some really great feedback about the property already and look forward to welcoming all our guests!

The flooring is finished in the living room, hallway, downstairs bedrooms, bathroom, en-suite and dining area! It has really brought a lovely flow to the property and in  a week or so the remainder will be complete and we will be able to start thinking about getting the van packed up and delivering the furniture.

Something exciting (for me) this week was the update of the fireplace. When we purchased the property the fireplace surround was left behind, the previous owners were split on their opinion of it. John asked us one day "you won't be keeping that thing in will you"? He was very surprised to hear the answer was yes - I just Love it!
It needed a bit of TLC but I could definitely see it's potential!

SS managed to fill in lots of the cracks for us, sand it down and ensure the shape was back to how it should be!

We made the decision that we would paint the fireplace the same colour as the wall, not sure everyone had confidence in how this would look but we are very happy with the outcome...


These two images look like completely different rooms with the colours in these pics - they are definitely the same room and the wall is definitely grey (not blue).

The hearth that the fireplace was sitting on has also seen a bit of TLC. It has been re-tiled and painted to bring it up to date, and for it to fit in with our colour scheme a little better. This room is really coming together now!

I have lots of bits and pieces planned to go on top of the fireplace, I can't wait to get in there and start making the place feel all homely and lovely!
Not long to go!

37 Days and the Beach House will be open for guests! eeeeeekkkkkk...




Open for Business


Open for Business

**Exciting Announcement**


So this week we finally got round to updating our website and releasing our rates and exclusive offers. We have had lots of people emailing to find out more about the property; how many people can stay, will there be parking, how many nights can people stay, are dogs welcome....the list goes on!
We love hearing from people that have been following our journey through the re-development and all these questions are helping us to build on the information we are already sharing.

So you can now see on our rates page how much a little getaway to Burnsyde will cost, and for the month of March we are doing an introductory offer of £120 a night! A total steal if you are coming as a group!


You can also find out answers to a number of questions on the rates page, but I thought we would answer a few of the questions you have sent in right here....

Is there a minimum stay?
Yes, we ask that there is a minimum of two nights stay with each booking.

Are dogs allowed and is there a charge?
Well behaved dogs are more than welcome (maximum two per booking), we just ask that they do not go upstairs in the property and they are kept off the furniture as much as possible.
There is a charge of £40 per booking if you are bringing your pups along.

How many bedrooms are there and what’s their occupancy?
We have three bedrooms in the property, there is one double and one twin bedroom on the ground floor and one double bedroom with en-suite upstairs in the loft bedroom. Each bedroom sleeps a maximum of two people.

When can we see pictures of the property finished?
In terms of the actual renovations the property is due to be complete by the 31st January , we will then be working on the interiors, furniture, soft furnishings etc. If all goes to plan we hope to share images of inside the property by the 10th February. We will of course keep you updated on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

I am from the local area and would love to look round, is that possible without booking a stay?
We will be holding an open house day towards the end of February which is when we will invite people to come along and take a look round the property. The invite will be on our Facebook page so make sure you follow us on there so you don’t miss it!

How do I book a stay?
For the moment we are taking bookings via email
Once we confirm your dates we will take a deposit of £100 and the remaining balance should be paid 4 weeks in advance of your reservation date. If your booking is less than 4 weeks away we ask that you pay the full cost at the time of booking. 
In the coming weeks will be adding a booking system to our website and that way you can book directly through the website. We will also be featured on Airbnb and

Bit of a boring one for you today but hopefully all helpful information!



Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to one and all!! We wish you all lots of love, luck and happiness for the year ahead.

This new year was a little different to usual, I fell asleep at 9:30pm, woke up for the bells, wished my family and friends a happy new year, gave Dale and Derek a kiss and back to sleep I went!  Rock and Roll or what!! I think life has got the better of me this week, with lots of travelling and trying to fit everyone in whilst we were back in Saltburn, having a house full at my parents with all the family staying, plodding on with Burnsyde and trying to keep an 11 week old puppy in tow - tough!

Anyway, the new year has begun and this is the year we will be opening Burnsyde! WOW! This time last year I was making new year's resolutions to stop eating crisps or stop moaning about irrelevant things, this year I'm writing goals for our new business! Rather different!

We headed back north between Christmas and new year as Dale had to work, I took some time off to spend with Derek and relax after the festivities. It was a peaceful few days with lots of time spent looking back at the initial inspiration boards and our interior styling ideas.
I love going interior shopping so I spent rather a few hours doing this too. We will soon be at the point where I can begin filling the rooms with their furniture and soft furnishings, a couple of weeks away of course but still....very soon!

Inspiration Boards

I found myself thinking about the previous interiors that John had in the bungalow and what he would think of what we were going to put in there. I know that we can't please everyone but it would be nice if he genuinely did like what we had done to the place. After so long as his holiday home I imagine it's a hard thing to see it taken apart and put back together in a completely different way.

On Monday after a little walk on the beach with Derek I spent the day in Burnsyde while Dale was at the boro match, it was just me and the radio and it was lovely. I was just getting a few jobs done, tidying the place up, covering the new radiators to save them from the dust and washing down the windows. It was amazing to be in there and see how many people noticed the sign in the window or had a peek in as they wandered past - this was me in years gone by.  The promenade and beach were packed with visitors and locals and as I watched dogs run on the beach and the queue get bigger and bigger for the fish and chip shop I felt so lucky that I could be this close to it all whenever I liked and that the bungalow people were intrigued by would soon be available for any one of them to stay.

Burnsyde Beach House

I really hope 2017 goes to plan and our little Beach House becomes a hit!

A Little Look Back

A Little Look Back

Back in Summer when Dale and I were discussing the possibility of buying Burnsyde I don’t think I believed it would ever happen, not because I didn’t want it but because I felt like there would be a hundred other people all lined up to buy it, turns out there wasn’t. It also turns out that over 20 years ago my Grandma and Grandad (who lived in West Yorkshire) took the property info card from an estate agents in Saltburn as they were interested in moving to the town, it was going to be in the running until Grandad decided it was too close to the road. Crazy Huh!

Saltburn by the sea

Anyway, back to when we first viewed. The sun was shining, the beach was buzzing with families and we could not wait to take a look round. Dale had already been to see it and I think he already knew how much I would love it.
John and his wife were in the sun room at the back of the property basking in the heat, two little poodles by their side. We said our hellos and chatted about the weather and how busy the beach was then we were free to look around as we wished.

Sunny Saltburn

Looking around made me realise that the property is very deceiving from the front, once inside it feels much bigger, I expected the rooms to be tiny and there to be a lot less space in general but that was not the case. There was a lot of colour to the place, something that I wasn’t used to. Each room had lots of light and as we wandered round I could instantly see the potential of this beautiful little bungalow. I am almost certain if we lived in the area just now we would have bought it to move into ourselves.

As we mentioned we think people would have been more than happy to stay in the property with the current layout and décor and it was very cute, we felt it just needed bringing up to date and a few tweaks here and there to make the place more realistic for having one or two families staying at one time.
So you can see what we started with here are a few pictures from our first visit.

The Before Photos

As the weeks pass and the daily updates come through I feel so excited that in a number of weeks this place will be welcoming its first guests, granted it won’t look like any of the pictures above but we can only hope that people will think all the hard work has been worthwhile.



Welcome to the Burnsyde Beach House Blog!

We are Dale and Rachel and our little squiggly mate is Derek, Derek the Dog!

2016 has been a pretty special year for us, we have made happy memories in our current hometown Lenzie, watched a wonderful little boy called James grow through the first year of his life, helped the Smiths (Dales family) settle into their new home in Saltburn, celebrated a BIG birthday and finally......we bought Burnsyde. The beautiful blue bungalow on the bank in Saltburn - the town we call "home, home".

Saltburn by the sea

For those of you who haven't already heard we are turning this stunning little place into a holiday home, a three bedroom bungalow with views you could never tire of looking at.

Burnsyde Beach house

Wish us luck as the fun begins!