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A Working Holiday

A Working Holiday

After the birthday celebrations I thought we may have a little trouble getting up – turns out we were both feeling pretty fresh and Burnsyde was top of the agenda.

We headed down at about 8:30am, grabbed a couple of coffees from Camfields and took a look around to see (not just by photos) where the team had got to in the past week. When we say ‘the team; we mean; SS (Dale’s Dad), Grandad Clive (Dales Grandad), Ken (Dales Uncle Ken) and Andy (an all-round handy-man). These guys have over 100 years of experience of building work between them (and tools twice my age) – seriously talented guys! They really had made a massive difference at a time that was more than important and for that we will be forever grateful to each of them.

Workmens Tools

This week’s plan was to get every room ‘back to brick’ or at least to a place that was ready to be boarded and plastered so we had a blank canvas to work with. Some rooms needed less work than others. For some 3 layers of wallpaper removal was enough, for others we needed to take a chisel and a hammer and literally take them back to bare brick.

Back to Brick

Burnsyde was a lovely little property when we bought it and I am certain people would have loved to stay there if we were to rent it as a holiday home in its current state but we wanted it to be somewhere that was totally ‘us’; our plans, our layout and our interiors. Something that was going to consist of a large investment, a tonne of hard work and love but a place we could call ours, something we had created, from scratch.

It was a successful week but working in a small space for long periods of time with a whole bunch of other people can be a challenging thing. I took a couple of hours out on Thursday and took a walk along the beach with my bezzie and her beautiful cockapoo. It was just what I needed, fresh air, girly chats and doggy cuddles!

Dougal the Dog

The week seemed to fly-by and it was Friday before we knew it! We would normally stay until Sunday but we were heading to Manchester on Saturday afternoon to celebrate our friends 30th so Friday was our last full day in the bungalow. The place was looking amazing, we would have been happy to stay and continue with the work but after a night of partying it was back to Scotland for ‘work work’!

At this point we wouldn’t be back for three weeks so things were going to look very different when we next visited. This made me sad and happy at the same time, as this was our first property renovation project together I wanted to be part of every decision, I wanted to learn from Grandad Clive as he talked me through everything we were working on and in all honesty, I just wanted to be there.

We took one final look around on Saturday morning, plans in hand and made some final decisions on locations of lighting, radiators and sockets (something I never imagined could take so much thought) thankfully we had all the right people around us to advise us on each decision.

Property Plans

We wrapped up about 1pm and we were on the road again!!


The Journey Begins...

The Journey Begins...

The journey of trying to purchase this wonderful little bungalow began months ago for us, but the final stepping stone happened on October 28th 2016. We were handed the keys to our wonderful new adventure!

We sat in The Sitting Room (an amazing little cocktail bar in Saltburn) sharing a caramel slice and staring at the keys, we had finally done it. We had the bungalow on the bank, the bungalow we had passed a thousand times and more (each), the little blue home I always wanted to peek into to see if it was as wonderful as I had imagined… (it really is)

The Keys to our new adventure

We popped by to share the good news with the parents (both sets), grabbed some extra layers and headed down to our new home for the first time. We had decided we would have a little Friday date night in the bungalow, stripping wallpaper, eating pizza and drinking prosecco.

The evening was a little chilly but with our heads busy with thoughts of what colours here and what lights there we chatted and laughed our way through it. With one room wallpaper free we left at 11:45pm and hit the hay.

Day one Done

The first day of our project was complete!