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Back to Work


Back to Work

Friday night and after a short week back at work to ease me in after the holidays I am ready to SLEEP! Work may have been quiet this week but I feel like I am sleepy all the time, and the bags under my eyes are gross too! Must be my recent diet of 'all you can eat' including copious amounts of chocolate.

So this week saw lots of activity in the bungalow. The Kitchen was developed a little further with the island being fitted and the tiling has begun. My sister mentioned to me that she didn’t even realise the tiling was missing from the kitchen, I kind of feel the same, but maybe that’s because I would have been more than happy to have a non-tiled kitchen – totally impractical I know.

Kitchen Details
Kitchen Island

The staircase was being completed this week with the spindles and hand rail being fitted. We had chosen a stain for the wood and the guys made a start on it for us....we then saw a picture and began to wonder if we had chosen the wrong colour - total staircase drama! We will wait to see it in the flesh in a couple of weeks before we make any further decisions in this department! 


Next up for us are blinds, beds and all that in between. We won't be heading back to the bungalow until the 14th January, by this time the place will be just a couple of weeks from completion (all being well) so interiors need to be at the front of my mind from here on in (as if I haven't thought about them enough already).

A MUST for me on the 14th is visiting the new Lillian Daph Store in Saltburn, I need to take a look at all of their artisan goodies! The store opened a few months ago and I have popped in a couple of times, always such a warm welcome and the place smells delightful which is always a bonus! And if not something for Burnsyde, maybe my own home!

Next up for the bungalow is a whole load of bathroom tiling and time to get the sun room in tip top shape!

Week 12 - bring it on!




Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to one and all!! We wish you all lots of love, luck and happiness for the year ahead.

This new year was a little different to usual, I fell asleep at 9:30pm, woke up for the bells, wished my family and friends a happy new year, gave Dale and Derek a kiss and back to sleep I went!  Rock and Roll or what!! I think life has got the better of me this week, with lots of travelling and trying to fit everyone in whilst we were back in Saltburn, having a house full at my parents with all the family staying, plodding on with Burnsyde and trying to keep an 11 week old puppy in tow - tough!

Anyway, the new year has begun and this is the year we will be opening Burnsyde! WOW! This time last year I was making new year's resolutions to stop eating crisps or stop moaning about irrelevant things, this year I'm writing goals for our new business! Rather different!

We headed back north between Christmas and new year as Dale had to work, I took some time off to spend with Derek and relax after the festivities. It was a peaceful few days with lots of time spent looking back at the initial inspiration boards and our interior styling ideas.
I love going interior shopping so I spent rather a few hours doing this too. We will soon be at the point where I can begin filling the rooms with their furniture and soft furnishings, a couple of weeks away of course but still....very soon!

Inspiration Boards

I found myself thinking about the previous interiors that John had in the bungalow and what he would think of what we were going to put in there. I know that we can't please everyone but it would be nice if he genuinely did like what we had done to the place. After so long as his holiday home I imagine it's a hard thing to see it taken apart and put back together in a completely different way.

On Monday after a little walk on the beach with Derek I spent the day in Burnsyde while Dale was at the boro match, it was just me and the radio and it was lovely. I was just getting a few jobs done, tidying the place up, covering the new radiators to save them from the dust and washing down the windows. It was amazing to be in there and see how many people noticed the sign in the window or had a peek in as they wandered past - this was me in years gone by.  The promenade and beach were packed with visitors and locals and as I watched dogs run on the beach and the queue get bigger and bigger for the fish and chip shop I felt so lucky that I could be this close to it all whenever I liked and that the bungalow people were intrigued by would soon be available for any one of them to stay.

Burnsyde Beach House

I really hope 2017 goes to plan and our little Beach House becomes a hit!

Blown Away

Blown Away

So it's the 28th December, Christmas is over and we are back in Glasgow. I am sitting here with Dale looking over some more plans and admiring all the interiors and colour palettes in my new books (courtesy of Dale and my big brother) Thanks Boys!!

This Christmas was better than I could have imagined, not necessarily because of the gifts I was bought (although I have obviously been a very good girl this year as Santa was extremely kind to me) but because of Burnsyde. Dale and I were completely blown away at how hard SS and the team have worked! The place looks unbelievble!!

We travelled down on Friday but waited until Saturday morning to visit the bungalow, we were so far beyond excited to see it but we waited patiently until the next morning so we could see it in daylight. As we drove down the S bank we had huge smiles on our faces, the little blue bungalow was now completely white with grey details and it looked stunning, so fresh. There was no more tired blue exerior, it had been given a new lease of life - we couldnt wait to get inside.

We always use the sunroom door at the back of the house as the porch is being used as a little storage area while the work is ongoing. The archway was complete and it was the perfect welcome into the kitchen and dining area - I honestly cannot believe we contemplated putting glass doors in here!



The kitchen looked amazing, the light shone in and as we stepped back into the room we turned and took a look at the view - It was just stunning!! The view of Huntcliff always looks amazing but today it brought a tear to my eye. I couldn't believe we were here, the place was ours and we could see for ourselves all the decisions we had made were falling perfectly into place.

Kitchen Design

We headed down the hallway which was painted and had the lights fitted, it was a million miles from what it had been but it was exactly how we wanted it to be.

Welcoming Hallway

As we entered the living room the radio was playing and the bright Saltburn sun was flooding in the windws. The colours looked beautiful, the staircase felt like it had always been there, we were so worried it would make the room feel much smaller but that really wasn't the case, it was just wonderful! This space suddenly felt like it was becoming just how it should be, a bright room with a warmth that would feel cosy and welcoming.

Living Room

We were eager to get upstairs and see how it had developed from our last visit. We knew the bathroom walls were in, the place had been painted and the guys had started fitting the bathroom suite. Even though we knew all this I dont think we were ready for what we saw!

The stairs entered the room at the end now rather than the middle due to their re-location downstairs, the walls were pristine and white, the bathroom section made the room look more complete and the original wooden beams gave real character. It just looked fabulous! A very happy moment was shared as we looked round up here! Below you can see the before and after pics...pretty special huh?  

Loft Space Before
Loft Space After

SS had done us proud, he had worked so hard with the team to get the place to this point and we were completely overwhelmed with the progress and the quality of the work! The bungalow was slowly becoming a home again. It seems crazy to think that in a month or so we will be inviting guests to come and take a look round this place in the hope that they love it as much as we do and encourage their friends and family, near or far to come and stay!

The Adidog and a Staircase

The Adidog and a Staircase

We are only four days away from Christmas and two sleeps away from a possible weekend at the bungalow. I say  'possible' because we still need a couple of things doing for it to be a 'comfortable' stay. We obviously have options of places to stay when we are back (for which we are very grateful) but we made a little Christmas wish to have a couple of nights in the bungalow. I know that no one will really mind but Derek is a bit of a handful and we don't want him to be in the way, causing havoc or launching himself at the Christmas tree (an activity he seems to love at our house). With all this said we would be more than happy to be at either families houses and be looked after for a few days! I just can't wait for the sofa, a glass of fizz and a box of chocolates.

I let Dezza (nickname for Derek) have one of his Christmas presents early (I couldn't resist), it is very cold up here so I thought he could do with a jumper to keep him warm....Cue may look like he isn't very happy but he is, he loves his new hoody.

Derek the Dog
Derek the Dog

You might be thinking why have we put a Santas beard on him...we haven't....that's his fluffy white chest stripe that happens to look stuck on in this pic! So adorable!

Things are moving along at speed in the bungalow, the upstairs bathroom suite is being put in this week, the kitchen units are almost finished, the living room is being painted as I type and the staircase is being fitted in it's new position. The staircase is a little later than planned due to a few building regulations we needed to meet and having it made bespoke. It's looking pretty good though.


New Staircase

You can see here the walls are no longer the colour of plaster - that's right - We have colour! The colour discussions look like they have paid off - thumbs up! The bedrooms are complete with their colour so next for them is flooring! It seems ridiculous that they will soon be ready for furniture! I best get shopping!

It feels really strange that when we return in a few days we will be seeing it in a completely different state. Three weeks ago we left and it was a shell with brick here, plasterboard there, flooring half pulled up, a huge hole in the ceiling and old staircase standing in one of the bedrooms. This time there will be smooth and painted walls, new floors, a bathroom (maybe) and a kitchen! It seems ridiculous that it was only 52 days ago that we were handed the keys and the work began.

The list of things that have been done to the place is endless and the quality of work from all involved has been completely amazing. SS has done an unbelievable job project managing for us, leaving nothing to chance and informing us on every single decision made, we could not be more thankful. This, and all the help and support we have received from friends and family will never be forgotten.

There seems so much to do before I can get really excited about Christmas, I still haven’t finished our Christmas Shopping (I buy ll the gifts in this household), wrapped a single present or thought about what I need to pack for the trip home!

Nothing a couple of late nights won’t fix though I guess!

A day and a half left a work, a trip to the vets for Dezza and we will be set for our Christmas celebrations!

A Splash Of Colour

A Splash Of Colour

This week has been a hectic one for us in Glasgow. We have had family staying, which of course we love but with a 95 year old, a one year old and a 10 week old puppy it was rather full on at times. My mum and sister massively helped with Derek whilst we were working and we managed to have a couple of afternoons and evenings together which is always lovely.

Alongside the family staying Dale and I were busy finalising colours for the interiors. When we first started we decided the whole place would be white and we would bring textures and colours in through the soft furnishings. This of course has since changed and this week we have spent a few hours staring at colour charts and mood boards and buying colour test pots.

We want to keep the colours inside quite soft and cosy but still make the place look bright and fresh. We decided we would keep the kitchen, dining, hallway, bathroom and upstairs white but in the downstairs bedroom we have gone for 'almost oyster'. It is an off white, definitely not magnolia but has a lovely warmth to it.
The living room took a little longer to decide on. We both wanted a colour and we were set on grey but finding the right shades was a lenghty task. After much deliberation and a few trips to the shops we decided on the colours for the living room - two different shades of grey.

Colour Palette

As we are not at the bungalow to see the paint go on we just have to be confident in our decisions and look forward to seeing the colours once they are in place. Fingers crossed the discussion of 'grey' has worked out well.



Revealing The View

Revealing The View

So this week saw a few developments for the beach house. The plasterers had begun work in the living room (minus the staircase wall), the outside of the house has been painted, we got rid of the red coloured fence, the kitchen is beginning to take shape and the curves of the archway between the kitchen and conservatory has been started.

All of these updates of course were shared over facetime, photos and emails. What would we do without modern technology?

I am super excited about the living room. As it has amazing views from both ends I feel like it will be a wonderful space to sit and relax whilst looking out to sea or watching the world go by! The plastering is ¾ complete so once the stairs are in this room will be ready for a touch of colour!

Living Room Development

The outside of the house is DONE! We still have the roof to do but the exterior walls are complete! A superb job done by Trevor and we are even more happy with the colours now they are on the building.

Burnsyde Beach House

The kitchen took some planning as we have changed the layout considerably and wanted it to feel like this and the dining room were one space. I had chosen the kitchen units and work top weeks ago then had a panic four days later because I didn’t think it was right. Luckily the team at Howdens are amazing and they let me pop back in and change whatever I needed to – that included the worktop, sink, taps, door handles and a couple of additional units…. Basically everything! The joiner who is working on the project has managed to make a start at fitting the kitchen this week and we are super happy that those last minute changes were made.

Kitchen Design
Kitchen Design

When we started the kitchen was a bright shade of blue with wood panelling and glass windows dividing the kitchen and sunroom. It had been a major topic of discussion since the first time we saw the place. We did really like it but we felt like it was blocking out what was potentially the most stunning view Burnsyde had to offer.

Kitchen Development
Kitchen Before

The work began to rip it out a short while ago and at this point we were still unsure what we were putting in its place. Dale and Andy were ripping out the wooden frame after removing the glass windows – I watched and took photos. Through the clouds of dust it was clear to see that what was happening at this moment was going to change the whole dynamic of the sunroom, kitchen and dining room.
The whole section was ripped out and we just stood and looked at the huge open space….we knew in that instant we should be keeping this open.
It took a couple of days for this decision to be finalised as there were worries about it leaving the whole house too cold, if it was for ourselves there would have been no hesitation but when it comes to guests we really can’t risk having a cold place to stay.
This week the beginning of the arch was taking shape and we knew we had made the right decision.

Burnsyde View
Archway Development

This next week couple of weeks will see the archway completed and plastered and the kitchen units finished off, stay tuned for the first look!

A New Addition

A New Addition

So today is Monday, it is 7:25am and I am on the kitchen floor with a cup of tea. Not my usual positioning at this time of day (or any) but today we wake up with a little puppy in our care. I have taken the day off work to spend some time with him and get him settled.

We collected Derek from his breeder mummy yesterday and brought him back to Glasgow to show him his new home. The journey was a lot smoother than we expected, Derek slept for the majority of the journey and when Dale and I needed a toilet break Derek just lay in the foot-well like a little angel puppy. 

Derek the Dog
Derek the Dog

It was a bit of a rushed day yesterday, we were at Burnsyde looking at the developments from the past couple of weeks. The whole place was looking great! There was so much ‘less mess’ which helped to keep us focused on what we were there to see. It was the first time I had seen the new colours on the outside

We worked round the property room by room. The kitchen and dining area were looking great, the wooden framework from between the kitchen and sunroom had been removed a couple of weeks ago and we were creating an arch in its place, as the rest of the room was a blank canvas this really stood out. We had been used to seeing it with ladders, tool bags and rubbish strewn all over the place. The view from here looked particularly beautiful today! The hallway was completely bare and we had changed the layout of a couple of doorways so it was nice to see the hallway in the format our guest would see it when they arrived at Burnsyde.

Next up was the bathroom, there were a number of questions that needed answering to move forward in here. We managed to decide on a final layout for the whole room (this was something that had been causing major headaches) finalised lighting and fan positions and measured up one more time so we could order the bathroom suite, we did already order a bath but it arrived and looked like it was from an episode of the borrowers.

The living room was boarded out and the plasterers were due to start in here next. We had made all the decisions we could for this room previously. We are waiting to have the building regulations signed off so we can move the staircase into this room, until this point it is difficult to move forward at any kind of speed, we just have a big hole in the ceiling waiting to be filled.


The third bedroom of the bungalow is upstairs. As the other two bedrooms were already well on their way with plastering we were happy to just take a peek at these and move on. Upstairs is a lovely space with one window looking out across the pier and one out to Huntcliff.

The view from the loft

We have re-arranged this room so we can fit an en-suite bathroom up here. This wasn't always the plan but once we had cleared the bungalow of all furniture and rubbish, stripped back the walls and planned to move the staircase there was so much more space so it felt like the most logical thing to do (and much more practical for guests).

We spent some time discussing the bathroom layout, additional storage space, types of wall coverings and possible door types. There was an electrician and two joiners up here, the noise levels were getting higher and higher and we were getting closer to our pick up time for the pup. I genuinely felt like it was one of theose days where there were not enough hours in it.

The next time we visit Burnsyde will be in three weeks when we are home for Christmas...I actually cannot wait!!




A Little Look Back

A Little Look Back

Back in Summer when Dale and I were discussing the possibility of buying Burnsyde I don’t think I believed it would ever happen, not because I didn’t want it but because I felt like there would be a hundred other people all lined up to buy it, turns out there wasn’t. It also turns out that over 20 years ago my Grandma and Grandad (who lived in West Yorkshire) took the property info card from an estate agents in Saltburn as they were interested in moving to the town, it was going to be in the running until Grandad decided it was too close to the road. Crazy Huh!

Saltburn by the sea

Anyway, back to when we first viewed. The sun was shining, the beach was buzzing with families and we could not wait to take a look round. Dale had already been to see it and I think he already knew how much I would love it.
John and his wife were in the sun room at the back of the property basking in the heat, two little poodles by their side. We said our hellos and chatted about the weather and how busy the beach was then we were free to look around as we wished.

Sunny Saltburn

Looking around made me realise that the property is very deceiving from the front, once inside it feels much bigger, I expected the rooms to be tiny and there to be a lot less space in general but that was not the case. There was a lot of colour to the place, something that I wasn’t used to. Each room had lots of light and as we wandered round I could instantly see the potential of this beautiful little bungalow. I am almost certain if we lived in the area just now we would have bought it to move into ourselves.

As we mentioned we think people would have been more than happy to stay in the property with the current layout and décor and it was very cute, we felt it just needed bringing up to date and a few tweaks here and there to make the place more realistic for having one or two families staying at one time.
So you can see what we started with here are a few pictures from our first visit.

The Before Photos

As the weeks pass and the daily updates come through I feel so excited that in a number of weeks this place will be welcoming its first guests, granted it won’t look like any of the pictures above but we can only hope that people will think all the hard work has been worthwhile.

A Smoother Surface

A Smoother Surface

So here we are, heading towards the end of November (time is flying) and each day brings new questions which triggers more ideas which makes our interior decisions even more challenging.

This week we have spent our evenings looking at wall tiles, bathroom suites and flooring, who knew there was so much choice? Each time we think we have decided, we find something else. We had a lot of design boards lying about the house!


Although we have decorated our own home a complete renovation is not something we have completed as a team. Dale has a property portfolio and is often refurbishing houses but for me – this was a first and a
holiday home renovation was a first for both of us!

Our roles for the project were decided before we began – Dale was to deal with purchase of the house, the legalities and the planning permissions, we would both work on the layouts and fixed fittings within the property and I would deal with décor and interiors. It all seems to be going to plan so far, I do of course ask ten times a day “what do you think of this colour, how about this light fitting, do you think we should tile here?”!

This week the bungalow has really moved on. Now the stripping is over its time to build the surfaces back up to create a smooth shell to work with. The plasterers have been working hard all week to get individual rooms complete. Certain rooms are going to take a little longer due to us moving the position of the staircase from one room to another and awaiting planning permission but the pics we received this week got us very excited.


If you have passed the bungalow recently you will see there has been a change in the colour of the outside (goodbye blue). We have freshened the place up with a few coats of bright white and painted the brickwork details. Years ago the brickwork was painted in a contrasting colour to the rest of the building and we absolutely love how it looked (obviously we have only seen pictures). We know we will never manage to have the bungalow back to what it was but we are happy to do what we can to highlight little details that have been lost over the years. 

Due to the location of the property we felt a lot of pressure choosing the external colours. We would hate for people to think we had ruined the look of the bungalow or gone too bold with our options. After much discussion and many tester pots of paint we decided on Abbey Grey and we really do love it!

Burnsyde Beach House
Burnsyde Beach House



A Working Holiday

A Working Holiday

After the birthday celebrations I thought we may have a little trouble getting up – turns out we were both feeling pretty fresh and Burnsyde was top of the agenda.

We headed down at about 8:30am, grabbed a couple of coffees from Camfields and took a look around to see (not just by photos) where the team had got to in the past week. When we say ‘the team; we mean; SS (Dale’s Dad), Grandad Clive (Dales Grandad), Ken (Dales Uncle Ken) and Andy (an all-round handy-man). These guys have over 100 years of experience of building work between them (and tools twice my age) – seriously talented guys! They really had made a massive difference at a time that was more than important and for that we will be forever grateful to each of them.

Workmens Tools

This week’s plan was to get every room ‘back to brick’ or at least to a place that was ready to be boarded and plastered so we had a blank canvas to work with. Some rooms needed less work than others. For some 3 layers of wallpaper removal was enough, for others we needed to take a chisel and a hammer and literally take them back to bare brick.

Back to Brick

Burnsyde was a lovely little property when we bought it and I am certain people would have loved to stay there if we were to rent it as a holiday home in its current state but we wanted it to be somewhere that was totally ‘us’; our plans, our layout and our interiors. Something that was going to consist of a large investment, a tonne of hard work and love but a place we could call ours, something we had created, from scratch.

It was a successful week but working in a small space for long periods of time with a whole bunch of other people can be a challenging thing. I took a couple of hours out on Thursday and took a walk along the beach with my bezzie and her beautiful cockapoo. It was just what I needed, fresh air, girly chats and doggy cuddles!

Dougal the Dog

The week seemed to fly-by and it was Friday before we knew it! We would normally stay until Sunday but we were heading to Manchester on Saturday afternoon to celebrate our friends 30th so Friday was our last full day in the bungalow. The place was looking amazing, we would have been happy to stay and continue with the work but after a night of partying it was back to Scotland for ‘work work’!

At this point we wouldn’t be back for three weeks so things were going to look very different when we next visited. This made me sad and happy at the same time, as this was our first property renovation project together I wanted to be part of every decision, I wanted to learn from Grandad Clive as he talked me through everything we were working on and in all honesty, I just wanted to be there.

We took one final look around on Saturday morning, plans in hand and made some final decisions on locations of lighting, radiators and sockets (something I never imagined could take so much thought) thankfully we had all the right people around us to advise us on each decision.

Property Plans

We wrapped up about 1pm and we were on the road again!!


Surprises and Celebrations

Surprises and Celebrations

Turns out our journey on Sunday wasn’t going to be direct to Saltburn....

There was a surprise for me on the way, and a very lovely surprise it was too. Dale had organised an evening at Rockliffe Hotel & Spa in Darlington for us both! After a busy weekend of entertaining and celebrating I couldn’t actually think of anything I would rather do than have time for just Dale and I. Quality time together is something we definitely don’t get enough of!

Rockliffe Hall Darlington

Dale had booked an evening at the restaurant at Rockliffe but as we arrived a little later than planned we headed to our room and ordered room service instead. As it was my birthday the hotel had popped a couple of bottles of Prosecco for us in our room, so with this and a club sandwich in bed I was set for the night. I had such a good nights sleep, part slight hangover from the last three days drinking, part exhaustion from life and part because the beds at this place are delightful.

Prosecco and Relaxation

The morning (today was my actual birthday) consisted of a delicious breakfast in their Oangery and heading down to the spa for a few hours of relaxation. The spa was just lovely! We didn't manage to book in time for a treatment but the pool, outside hot tube, sauna, ice room and relaxation pools were more than enough for us to just completely chill out before the week ahead. 

As we packed up to leave I found myself thinking about how lucky I was to have such great people in my life. My work friends had already made a real fuss of me for my 30th, the girls and guys had taken the trip from London to celebrate with me and Dale had planned Rockliffe without me knowing anything about it. Little did I know my day was about to be even more special...Dale had two more things planned!

Next Stop - Guisborough. To see Derek, one final time before his collection date.
So Derek is our little Sproodle and we had only met him once - the day we chose him. Dale had organised for us to see him one more time before we would be taking him home as our very own little puppy - this was something I just didn't think we had time to do with everything else going on in the next few weeks....there were tears of joy! He was adorable and fluffy and a total dream! It made me even more excited for December 3rd!

Derek the Dog

We then headed to our final destination - Saltburn! First stop was my parents.
There was Balloons, cards and presents all laid out for my arrival, again I was spoilt! It's always a lovely feeling being back at my parents house, the place I grew up, a place full of memories!

Now was time for the final plan - surprise birthday celebrations with my family, Dales family and some very close friends. It's not often we get both families together so I was more than grateful for Dales mum to be hosting in her home.

The evening was full of prosecco, delicious food and lots of laughter, it really was just perfect. I had been dreading turning thirty for weeks but between Dale, our families and our wonderful friends I had the most amazing birthday and could not be more thankful for the people I have in my life and the love they show me.

Family & Friends

Work & Life

Work & Life

This week has been an exciting one, a frustrating one and a tiring one allll rolled into one. Exciting because we knew we had a great team hard at work in the bungalow and we had daily updates of the developments. Frustrating because we weren’t there to help ourselves and tiring because each evening after work (we both work full time in Scotland) we had been staying up later than normal making plans, building websites and setting up social profiles for Burnsyde.

Burnsyde Social

We know we need to organise all these things now rather than later and although we may prefer to be at the bungalow every day to watch things develop for ourselves and be much more hands on, we know that (unfortunately) this isn’t possible so we do what we can from a distance.

When we left the place on Sunday I felt like there was little to do before we could get to work with the real plans of moving the staircase, knocking walls through, bricking up doorways and all the things that would really make a difference to the overall look and layout of the place – How I was wrong.

The daily updates were notes of how remaining walls had been stripped, coving had been removed and radiators were off the wall…..all of these things I didn’t even notice were still to be done during the weekend we were there. The excitement of getting the job started had obviously blinded me to how much was left to do!

Property Refurbishment

Dale and I finished our working week and headed home to greet our guests for the weekend. My Uni girls and their other halves were staying with us to celebrate my 30th Birthday! It was time to pop the prosecco and enjoy some laughter with some of our favourite people.

The weekend was so much fun, we climbed Conic Hill in Stirling, saw Jack Garrett at the 02, danced the night away in Glasgow and ate some of the most delicious food I have ever tasted at one of my favourite places - Hotel Du Vin.


As always the Sunday arrived too fast and as our friends left we packed the car up to hit the road ourselves! This time we were heading back to Saltburn for a whole week – this was the first time we would spend so long here since we moved to Scotland together in October 2013 – We were very excited!!

The plan for the next week - Spend time with our families & friends and get to work on Burnsyde!

Off we go!